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Giving You the Clarity You Deserve

If you’d like to see what life would be like without glasses, or if you’ve worn contacts in the past without success and would like to try something new—we can help. Contact lens technology has improved so much and now provides better oxygen transmission, breathability, and moisture to deliver comfortable and crisp vision so you can study, work, or play without glasses.

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Let Us Find The Right Lenses for You

Your contact lenses must be properly fitted, and the shape of the lens must match the curve of the front surface of your eye. Many people don’t realize the complications associated with inappropriate contact lens wear, which can result in chronic eye irritation, dry eyes, allergies, inflammation, and infections.

We educate our patients on the different lens types and designs. We’ll ensure to take the time to discuss your eye health and contact lens history with you and determine the best product for you to maintain good eye health, vision, and comfort.

You can be confident your eye health and safety is our top priority. Our team will ensure that your questions are answered and provide recommendations for contact lens solutions and drops as needed.

The Fitting

First, we’ll perform a comprehensive eye examination to determine your prescription and ensure that contact lenses are a good option for you.

Then, by taking precise measurements of your eyes’ shape, irises, and pupils, we’ll complete a fitting in our office with an appropriate contact lens design and power for you.

Lastly, we’ll send you home with trial lenses to assess how your eyes feel in your everyday life regarding comfort and clarity.

If you’re happy and comfortable with the contact lenses after testing them out, we’re done! If you’re not completely satisfied with your trial pair, if you experienced discomfort, dryness, or unstable vision, we’ll make any changes needed until we’ve found you the perfect pair.

Sometimes, it takes a few visits to finalize a contact lens, but it’s worth spending the time to find a comfortable, safe lens that provides excellent vision.

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